Sunday 31 March 2024

Benalla Street Art Festival 2024 - part 2

 It is now eleven days since the Benalla Street Art Festival began and the town has been abuzz ever since. Most of the walls are finished but there are some artists still at work, the photos included here show the finished work or progress as at 1st April.

In order that they appear on the map:

No. 1  Merda

No. 2.  Buff Diss

No. 3   Sofles

Sofles work in the car park at the library is worthy of a full post so just one photo here. See my next post!

No. 4  Minna Leunig

No. 5  Melanie Caple

No. 6  Tommy Day

No. 7   Lisa King

Lisa is still hard at work on her large wall.

No. 8  REKA 

No. 9  David Bromley

No. 10  David Lee Pereira

No.11  Tim Bowtell with Sam Bowtell


No. 12  Neryl Walker

No. 13 Amanda Valdes

Amanda is working on all four sides of the Denny Street car park toilet block. It is a huge job and she is doing spectacular work. She still continues on with no time to talk.

No. 14  DXTR

No. 15  Travis Price

14th April - the finished works

Amanda Valdes

Lisa King

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