Friday 2 September 2022

Forse la fortuna aiuta i coraggiosi

It is our strong belief that the Italian weather changes dramatically on the 1st September, and that is why we no longer stay after that date. In the early hours of Thursday morning I could hear the rain beating down on our terrace, and knew we were leaving at the right time.

With all the hassles of COVID and associated matters, our airline asked us to be at Fiumicino four hours before flight departure. This meant we left our hotel in the dark.

We had a little scare when several ticket machines for the Leonardo Express train refused all four of our credit and cash cards. We tried a fifth machines and eventually got the necessary tickets. Phew! We didn't have enough cash left for this.

Of course four hours was way too long for our 9.20 am flight! Our cappuccini were well within the accepted time frame for having milky drinks. This was the view from our coffee spot.

Our flights via Doha were pretty much what all flights are these days. Packed planes, too many children, face masks and long passive hours.  But without them we would not get to the wonderful places we have visited.

I found this quote recently and I don't know the source but it seemed apt.
'Fairy tales exist, ...Maybe they last a picnic, a day in the woods, a week-end of history and health ... or a journey through the Appenines on foot ...'

With all we have been through since we had to cancel our trip in 2020, the past eight weeks seem like a fairy tale. One we are grateful that we have been able to make, and make without catching COVID.  Maybe fortune does favour the brave!

P. S.  I write my Blog for my own pleasure and future reference but I am thrilled that so many people have followed our travels and enjoyed them along with us. Thank you for your kind comments.