Thursday 6 October 2022

Turn your Blog into Beautiful Books

I was cruising the internet to see if it was possible to turn a blog into printed form.

After eight weeks of daily blogging on our post-COVID trip to Italy, I was keen to preserve all that work and all those wonderful memories. 

Over the past twelve years I have created a photo book with written small descriptions and comments  on our trips overseas, and had them professionally printed. I have been very pleased with the results but this year I felt like I wanted more.

The fact that a camera SD card had corrupted and I had lost photos from the first twelve days added to this wish. I knew that the photos of that time in the blog were probably all I was going to have from that wonderful time in Naples.

Then my eyes came upon PixxiBook. This is a young, small company based in England that can create beautiful books from your blogs ...  Blogspot, Blogger, Wordpress and others. 

The real magic is that you have already done all the work necessary, you just log into, add your blog address and press Preview my Book. Immediately you can see what your book will look like, how the photos will appear and the cost of the book. I was hooked! My blog was quite large so it took two A4 size books to do great things with my holiday stories and photos.

The owners of this company have created an automated creation process so there are some differences in the appearance between the two forms. Photos are grouped together rather than interspersed between the written word as it was in my blog, this is for economic reasons and is a small price to pay for such a great result. Talking costs, there was no additional cost when my blog was divided into two books, free postage anywhere in the world and although my first reaction was that I couldn't spend that much money, it only took me over-night to decide that it was worth it.

Additionally, the books are printed in a location close to your location so delivery time was really fast and the product arrived in excellent condition.

I am so excited by my books that I can't wait to get another opportunity to make a PixxiBook. I feel like a published writer and photographer and that is exciting!

Here are some views from my books.

To learn more about PixxiBook go to  

To read my Italy 2022 blog go to and read from 8 July to 2 September.

P.S. My clever 'computer guy' was able to retrieve my lost photos from the corrupted memory card so that was another reason to to be excited.