Tuesday 14 April 2015

Livello uno completo

It is now eleven weeks since we started our Italian lessons at the Centre of Italian Studies in Carlton and we have completed level one. We now have two weeks before we commence level two.

I have had moments of pleasure as I've uttered the correct responses but many more moments of great fear when I have felt like the rabbit in the headlights! Nerves are such a frustrating thing because I really want to be able to speak but often I can't even utter a word in English. Poor Maria, she must be one frustrated teacher!

At the end of lesson ten we were presented with certificates and then we went to 'Brunetti' in Lygon Street where we had to order our lunch in Italian. Amazingly, I can do that! Food will drive me to do almost anything.

How I wish this was a class for reading and writing Italian, I would do extremely well then.

Ma purtroppo io sono in questa classe per imparare a parlare italiano. Buona fortuna Eleonora nel livello due!