Sunday 15 November 2015

Panicale 2015 complete - Panicale 2016 in the planning

Our 2015 Panicale experience will never be forgotten but the practicalities of the trip have been completed.

The photo enlargement of Villa Adriana has joined the other ville, case and podere that we have stayed in, on our family room wall.

Our two new Buon Ricordo plates have been hung with the others.

The journals have been completed and financial outlay calculated.

Despite having one camera out of action I still managed to take 1600 photos worth keeping. The best have been made into a Photo Journal of our nine weeks in Panicale.

With all that work completed there is only one thing left to do ... book seats for our 2016 visit to beautiful, friendly Panicale, in Umbria - the Green Heart of Italy.