Saturday 7 March 2015

Coincidence is a Wonderful Thing

We are now five weeks into the Italian lessons and feeling more comfortable and we are beginning to string together a few reasonable sentences instead of talking in three word phrases. We have increased our vocabulary with some great words like Boh! and quindi and aiuto!

In 2001 we spent two weeks on a property in Urbania in Le Marche.

The owners also ran a language school which was well frequented by English speaking opera singers keen to improve their Italian pronunciation. We had the pleasure of attending a concert at the school where the opera students showed off their new found language skills.

What a surprise to discover that the text book written for and used in the Centre for Italian Studies in Carlton is set in the language school in Urbania. The language school family feature in the story lines but the book was published in 1997 so the children are younger than when we knew them. Of course, now they are thirteen years older than when we knew them.

Coincidence is a wonderful thing!

These two schools have a partnership arrangement and it is possible for Australian students to attend the Centro Studi Italiani in Urbania for a more intense learning experience.