Tuesday 15 December 2015

Nomination charms ... ogni link una storia

My Nomination charm bracelet began as a wedding anniversary gift with charms to represent that occasion. A diamond studded K, a diamond pave, a heart and a green stone representing my birth stone.

Since then I have added to it on many occasions, following three themes. Nomination charm bracelets are made in Italy and I have bought charms in Australia and in Italy. My passion for all things Italian is the basis for my collection and so I have the Italian flag and Italian words Italia, Bella & Ciao.

I have a religious collection - a star, a cross, a chalice & host and a Madonna and child.

The biggest collection are things representative of wonderful experiences and fond recollections we have had during our many visits to Italy:a Vespa, red poppies, gelato, the Trevi Fountain, the Bridge of Sighs in Venice & the Piazza del Campo Siena. 
The hibiscus and the lemon are a reminder of the Amalfi Coast, the chilli and the cocktail (Aperol Spritz) remind us of Sicily. A cyclist for the Giro d'Italia, pears (that link with pecorino & honey), cherries in Umbria and a rose which brings back memories of wonderful gardens we have lived in (for a week or even nine!) throughout Italy.

Next on the wish list is a green heart, for the green heart of Italy - Umbria.

I love my Nomination charm bracelet and every link does indeed have a story.