Sunday 22 September 2019

Street & Silo Art in South Australia

I was looking forward to seeing the South Australian silo art but what a lovely surprise to find that Tumby Bay has a street art festival which they call Colour Tumby.

We arrived at the silos out of Tumby Bay to see the Martin Ron work and there was a sign promoting Colour Tumby Street Art Festival. 

After appreciating the silos we continued into town where we collected a brochure from the servo. They have had two years of their festival so two years of walls to find. The weather was perfect for the exercise and what fun it was.

Who did we see first but a DVate wall. Tumby Bay is a sea-side village on the Eyre Peninsula so many of the art works depicted facets of their life-style.

There were many familiar names & styles.

 - Elle

- Lisa King

- Andrew J. Bourke

- Kitt Bennett

- Adnate

- Lolo

- Choq

- George Rose

- Insane51

- Smug

- Adnate & Barngarla Collaboration with V Richards

There were some new name & styles too.

- Jack Fran

- James Pedler / Kosie1 / Josh Harris

James Pedler

Also included in the Tumby Bay 2019 artists was Sofles who painted a truck.

Next day we visited Kimba where their silo by Cam Scale  depicts a girl playing in the wheat fields, the theme represents what Kimba is today.

In Port Augusta we went looking for the Joy Baluch AM Bridge as I had read that a tribute to Joy Baluch had appeared over night a day or so after her death. The local council decided to keep the art work tribute. The artists, Craig Ellis & Angelique Boots admitted they had painted under darkness for fear of being fined.

Opposite the Joy Baluch portrait is a newer portrait by Jimmy C [James Cochran].

Wirrabara has a really stunning silo painted by Smug [Sam Bates].With his usual attention to detail it depicts the local countryside perfectly; a woodcutter & a red capped robin are the main features.



From Wirrabara we crossed to Snowtown where the water tower has been painted by Vans the Omega. It depicts local heroes and sportsmen. A fire fighter and an ambulance person and sports stars.

Waikerie silo art has the true WOW factor. There are two separate silos painted by different artists, they are painted all the way around, you have great access to seeing the art and the interpretive boards are full of information on the artists, the theme 'Healthy River, Healthy Community' and the creatures featured in the art works.

Garry Duncan used several of his style skills when painting his silo. It is a semi abstract Murray river scene including many birds and animals of the waterways.The rainmoth gave its name to Waikerie.


DVate has once again produced a clever design featuring local and endangered birds and plants with all the detail we have become accustomed to. The regent parrot, the yabby and Murray hardyhead & the spiny daisy all impress.

The silo art trail has given many small communities a real boost in pride and in tourist numbers, which equates to dollars coming into their communities. Following the Silo Art Trails around Australia is a fun thing to do and also a way we can all contribute to those doing it tough in rural areas.