Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Out with the old and in with the new

Today was one of those days where you feel like you are part of the place.

We went for our morning walk and didn't see anything unusual. The foliage in the woods beside the road always offers a variety of shapes and colours, the deer crossing signs and paths are evident (and even some droppings on the road this morning) but no deer for me to catch digitally and even the pretty flower is taken for granted now (especially now that I know that it has a bite to its foliage)

Later we did some shopping and when you are buying shampoo, toilet paper, insect spray and cling film, you just feel like you are at home.

Oh, the view to the lake. The seasonal changes are beginning, fields are being ploughed and now with some rain there are tinges of green appearing.

Last year I wrote about the management of rubbish and recycling in Rome. Every village has a recycling depot or two for glass, plastic and paper & cardboard.  Today, for us, it was out with the old bottles before we brought home some new ones!

We visted another local winery, Il Poggio, at Macchie. We were given an excellent wine tasting experience by the winemaker Anna Gattobigio who, for each of the eight varieties for sale, gave us a full description of the grapes and wine, alcohol content, price, food matching and other interesting snippets. The best part was that she explained that she could speak English or if we wishes she would speak Italian slowly. At last, someone who took our attempts to learn their language seriously! She spoke in Italian and we understood pretty much all she had to tell us.  Full credit to Anna for a great experience.

Then to finish off a day that felt just like a normal sort of day, ... I went to the hairdresser. 

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