Saturday, 28 April 2018

Wall art at Mokoan Rest Stop - northbound

Today we visited the Mokoan Rest Stop - northbound, on the Hume Freeway near Benalla. The only reason was to look at the wall art on the public toilet block, but we were pleased to see that the water tank by the picnic area has also been beautified.

The tank is the work of Reset and is a nod to the nearby Winton Wetlands.

Andrew J. Bourke (aka Sirum) has painted native Australian flowering gum flowers and a white bellied sea eagle on the amenities block. This is beautiful work but sadly some thoughtless graffiti has damaged it on one wall.

Pit stops have never been so entertaining!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Wall to Wall Street Art Festival at Benalla 2018 - job's done!

This is the fourth Wall to Wall Street Art Festival in Benalla, which is now the street art capital of Australia. The finished street art works are a delight to have around the town and a great asset to Benalla. Some of the old and much loved works were painted over this year but from that new favourites will come. It is a changing art form and Benalla is keeping with the tradition.

This year the majority of artists were women. Here are five of them!

The finished walls of the twenty-one guest artists are shown here in order of appearance on the Wall to Wall festival map. 

No. 1 Claire Foxton (Australia)

No. 2 Lolo YS (U.S.A)


No. 3 Julian Clavijo (born in Colombia)

No. 4 Anthony Lister (Australia)

No. 5 Kaff-eine & friends - Paint by numbers (Australia)

No. 6 Zenisis (Benalla, Australia)

No. 7 Justine McAllister (Australia)

No. 8 Tim Bowtell (Benalla, Australia)

No. 9 Shaun Lu (Australia)

No. 10 Kaff-eine (Australia)

No.11 Callum Preston (Australia) 

No. 12 Cristen Brunner (Benalla, Australia)

No. 13 Georgia Hill (Australia)

No. 14 George Rose (Australia) 

No. 15 Leonard Siaw (Malaysia)

No.16 Rosie Woods (England)

No. 17 Loretta Lizzio (Australia)

No. 18 Tom Gerrard (Australia)

No. 19 Elle (U.S.A)

No. 20 Lisa King (Australia)

No. 21 Chris Henderson (Australia)

As always, there were a couple of surprises.

At Goorambat, out of Benalla - DVate (Australia)

That is a wrap on my version of the 2018 Wall to Wall Street Art Festival in Benalla. Do come and visit to really appreciate these works of art.

Wall to Wall Street Art Festival in Benalla 2018 - artists at work

The Juddy Roller curated Wall to Wall Street Art Festival in Benalla is a fabulous week-end of talent on show ... for free! This year 21 new art works have graced the walls of Benalla. In addition there are two exhibitions on show in the Benalla Art Gallery.

The festival opened on the Friday night with the launch of Callum Preston's Milk Bar - a Monument to Nostalgia and Tom Gerrard's Dead Set Legends - an Anthology of Individuals.

Out and about in the streets there was music and food, but the street art was the reason for being. The following photos show some of the artists at work.

Shaun Lu


Justine McAllister

                                                                        Georgia Hill

                                                                   George Rose

Kaff-eine's Paint by Numbers & a junior artist

                                                                              Lolo YS

                                                                   Tim Bowtell

And into the night they kept painting...

                                                                         Shaun Lu

                                                                        Georgia Hill

                                                                 Anthony Lister

Next day it continued.

                                                                   Tom Gerrard

                                                                     Claire Foxton

                                                   Lolo YS

Out at Goorambat DVate was busy painting a silo.

Look at my next blog post for the finished works of all the artists.