Saturday, 29 August 2015

Lace and embroidery - such talent, such patience

The lace and embroidery exhibition is an amazing display of talent, patience and creativity. There are 42 exhibition spaces spread throughout the town, in marquees, in empty shops, storerooms and people's front rooms. Sometimes the space is as interesting as the display.

You cannot imagine how many ways there are to make lace. The local ladies' speciality is embroidery on tulle and it is beautiful work. As with last year I was amazed at the macramè lace making using very fine thread, and the tablecloths with lace insets are real treasures.  Some items are for sale but even small runners can cost 200 euros.

Our favourite this year was a group of ten people who first made some fun friendship quilts ( every-one contributes squares and they are joined together to form a quilt) then created an impressive hand embroidered book of squares featuring firstly, Italian proverbs then quotes relating to each month and lastly quotes about each region in Italy. They were obviously quite funny quotes and the ladies and one man enjoyed telling us about them with their limited English.

It was amusing when we walked into the exhibit because we were asked if we spoke Italian. 'Un po', said I, 'australiana'. There was silence for a while until one person said 'Inglese'. Then they were keen to point out the things in their book that they knew the English words for. It was one of the most productive bits of communication that we have had.
These elderly people treasured their book and the lady turning the pages wore protective white gloves. It took this group of nine women and one man three and a half years to make this book. Sorry, no photos!

There were several artists at work around the piazzas with works on display.

 No, its not washing day, just a novel way to display lace table cloths!

I still haven't got a photo of the decorated fountain so I am including this one, thanks to Stephania Belfico.

The man in the Super Moon is smiling at Kel again tonight. K is not actually howling in delight but he is very enthusiastic!

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