Monday, 31 August 2015

Mugnano and the Muri Dipinti

Yesterday I made a  video of the church bells which ring for 2.5 minutes three times every Sunday morning. I was really pleased with my first video effort and it was only when I started posting it to the blog that I realised it was 633 MB. Maybe not a good idea to continue.

Today we went to a small village about 25 minutes drive away from Panicale, a village with a castle and a former Benedictine Abbey, but it wasn't a hilltop village. Very unusual. This village named Mugnano is also unusual in that in the 1980s they decided to enliven their historic centre by having modern art works painted on the walls of the homes. It is such a pretty little village and the art work, known as Muri Dipinti, is an added attraction. It is also flood lit so can be viewed at night.

I think the sign said there are 42 works to see, some newer ones having been added recently to celebrate 30 years of the Muri Dipinti. I didn't photograph all the works but here are a selection.

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