Friday, 14 August 2015

A water element in my day - Isola Polvese

I have said many times that I ilke a water element in my day. Today was a good one.
We took the ferry from San Feliciano to Isola Polvese, one of three islands in Lago Trasimeno.

Polvese is a great mixture of environmental interest, history and recreation, without mass tourism. First we walked all the way around the island, through a variety of interest points. First was the castle fortress and beside it the 14 century church of San Guiliano. We walked on through avenues of oleanders, through forests of holm oaks, beside the lake and the bamboo canes that are especially important to the island, through forest floors covered in leaves and beside rocky outcrops covered in moss.It was so beautiful, so relaxing.

It was also so hot, so once we had circumnavigated we stopped for a pizza slice and a cold drink.

Then it was time to criss-cross the island, which luckily does not rise too steeply. First stop was the garden of aquatic plants which unfortunately is only open for tour groups. On up the hill we came to a very appealing hostel/mill/agriturismo spot which I imagine will be fully booked from tomorrow.

The Olivetan Monastery and Church of San Secondo was our final destination. Sadly this beautiful old ruin is almost past redemption but the monastery section is being restored. The church still has a beautiful round window space standing as the simpler bits of construction fall apart around it.

We walked back through more lovely avenues of aged olive trees and arrived back at the port in time for another cold drink before the ferry arrived to take us back to our car. A half hour drive and we were back at one of our favourite gelati places.

No kidding, this is its real size!

What a great day we have had. Lots of physical exercise to counteract the last few days of eating, great weather that further topped up the Mediterranean tan and a water element to please me!

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