Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Great Gelati Challenge

I had sixty five days to break my record for gelati flavours eaten (not that I knew what last year's record was!) This was going to need diligent planning and determination, but I was ready for it.

To start with it was easy as Bar Gallo in Panicale sells gelati and so does La Pergola at Colgiordano, and our favourite Bar Alisè at Castiglione del Lago. The bar at Paciano, two more in the old town at C d L, Tavernelle and Città della Pieve were also quite near.

Then the time came when I would enter a gelateria and find no new flavours. Horror!!! Thanks to taking day trips into other areas, more opportunities opened up for me and the list grew.

According to my accountant I had gelato on 33 occasions. Well, I did have to have prosecco, Aperol Spritz or vino rosso sometimes!

Here are the gusti I ate:

Polvere de stelle - star dust (stunning!)
Siciliana cassata
Limone (lemon)
Caffè Viennese (Vienna coffee)
Amarena (sour black cherry)
Zuppa Inglese (trifle)
Le zangare (orange blossom)
Rose (rose petals)
Nocciola (hazelnut)
Cioccolato bianco (white chocolate)
Stracciatella (choc chip)
Melone (rockmelon)
Menthe (mint)
Pinguino (vanilla & choc stripe)
Panna cotta
Blood orange
Zaffarano (saffron)
Torte di mele (apple pie)
Yoghurt and berries
Fragola (strawberry)
Kinder (biscuit)
Ameliè ( fruity girgeous)
Maracuja (passionfruit)
Bitter dark rich chocolate
Mele verde (green apple)
Snowball (vanilla, choc coat & coconut)
Fior de latte (mozzarella!)
Creme (cream custard)
Caffè (coffee)
Ananas (pineapple)
Goiaba (guava)
Biscotino (vanilla & almond biscuits)
Mocchacino (coffee & choc)
Spagnola (black cherry)
Boero (chocolate & cherries)
Cioccarancia (choc orange)
Cannella (cinnamon)
Cremalini (custard & rich chocolate)
Baci bianco (white Baci)
Sottobosco (forest floor / berries)
Pesca arancia (peach & orange)
Baba (rum)
Miele e nocce (honey & nuts)
Pinoli 100% (pine nuts)
Puffo ( blue!!)
Morgan il Pirata (delicious!)
Fig of India (prickly pear)
Carioca (choc & nuts)
Raspberry cheesecake
Vaniglia (vanilla)
Cioccolata fondante (choc fondant)
Torrone (nougat)
Caramello (caramel)
Bisco-Krok (vanilla with biscuits)
Gianduia (choc hazelnut)
Duetto (pistacchio & hazelnut with choc crunch)
Liquirizia (licorice)

Our favourite gelateria - Bar Alisè at Castiglione del Lago

My favourites - polvere de stelle, rose, blood orange, le zangare, mele verde, nocciola ...

So, how many different flavours did I eat?     66.     

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