Sunday, 6 September 2015


Not all days are filled with note worthy events and photo opportunities so today I am posting a mescolanza, or mixture, of photos that I hope will give a few more little insights into our life here.

We are always in search of the ultimate photo of Villa Adriana to join the photos of other rental properties we have enjoyed in Italy over the years. This won't be a contender but it does give another perspective on our lovely pink house.

This is another type of selfie photo but not one to be often recommended. They remind me of the funny mirrors at Luna Park. In this one the background is particularly nice.

Walking around inside the walls of Panicale at night can be what you want it to be - let the imagination run wild. Whatever, it is very photogenic!

These are the kiwi fruit growing over the pergola on our top terrazzo. It is a lovely cool spot in the mornings and we sit under the kiwi vines to do our study.

This pretty view was taken from the panoramic view point at Chiusi. The view was much bigger but this close up interested me - the variety of foliage and shades of green.

Technology and modern ways are not always the best ways. These wonderful brooms are used throughout Italy for all types of sweeping and cleaning work. We see them being used at road works, in the gardens and even following the horses in the historic parades. 

There have been hundreds of hectares of sunflowers planted in Tuscany and Umbria and whilst some were still in full bloom when we arrived, they have all now turned their beautiful faces to the ground and are drying out and awaiting harvest.

We have been enjoying our Sunday night pizzas in this lovely setting at L' Oca Bruciata in Paciano.

Cinghale, or wild boar, is one of the specialities of this area and it makes a super delicious rag├╣. Shops that sell wild boar often have a boar's head with enormous tusks on display out the front of the shop. The one was using a softer approach.

Just another interesting vehicle on the narrow, winding roads.

Fresh figs have been a gastronomic highlight over the past couple of weeks. With proscuitto or by themselves, we have enjoyed then.

Yes, I know, you are going to say ' not more gelati photos!' but ... this one is really interesting. The bright pink one is called Fig of India and as I couldn't recognise the flavour I had to Google, and a fig of India is what we call prickly pear in Australia. Yes, that spiky cactus with little balls on it.

This photo is Kel's little cone...

... and this is my medium cup!

How better to finish a day than by walking home from Aldo's Bar and finding this gorgeous sunset.

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