Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Off we go to Rome

We have had an incredible time in Umbria, Panicale and especially in this lovey house in Macchie. We were blessed to be the recipients of such generosity. We extend a huge thank you to some very special people, Richard, Katia and Massimo.

Farewell garden, we've spent many, many hours in your company.

Safely returned the Lancia to Avis Chiusi then had a snack to the railway station.

I have already cast bad comment the way of the Victorian rail system, now here is further shame. This gorgeous pizza came from the cafeteria at the Chiusi station. Don't even think about railway food in Australia!

By 4.30 pm we were back on the streets of Rome. First stop was the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore where we lit candles for our recently deceased friend Angela.

Rome is still busy with coach tours and pilgrimage groups but if you know the right places you can avoid that traffic. We were heading to the Trevi Fountain and the contrast was amazing between our route and our destination.

This was about 6 pm!

Coin tossing ... this time mine did go in the water.

A window display.

A very typical Roman street, when you avoid the main routes.

We visited two more of the top five gelati shops in Rome, that will be the subject of a later post!

Piazza della Republica, the view from our evening meal spot and some internal decoration along the collonade.

A few hours in Rome softens the agony of departure.

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