Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A routine sort of Wednesday

We hadn't been to the Castiglione del Lago market for a couple of weeks and it was obvious today that the holiday season is almost over and that autumn is upon us. It was 30 degrees today however so no need for the winter clothing just yet.

Trasimeno beans are a speciality of the area and the ones I have eaten here have been especially nice. I am looking forward to trying to replicate this at home.

Fresh porcini mushrooms, so much more tasty than the dried ones.

These two photos were taken by Kel. As usual we bought picnic type food and ate it by the lake. We didn't have any of these cakes! Walking down the 100 steps to the car park and lake is much easier than walking up.

We can never have too much of this gorgeous lake view.

The leaves on the chestnut trees are starting to turn colour and chestnuts are falling.

What do you English speaking people notice about this wind vane?

After a quick trip to the big Coop supermarket it was off to Cafe Alisè to add to the gelato flavours count. The hunt is becoming more difficult and only one new flavour was found today.

Then it was home to the garden and some reading time. The most common animal seen in Italy is this little lizard and we have lots of them in the garden. Occasionally we have to help them back outside! In these photos they are brown but they are more often bright green down their backs. On Polvese Island yesterday I saw that they are simply called wall lizards.
They are very cute but I wasn't so enthusiastic when I picked up a pot and one ran up my bare arm. Those little claws were quite prickly.

We finished off the day with a drink at Bar Gallo and meeting up with our friend David from Scotland and his friend.

After enjoying porchetta and tomatoes for dinner we returned to the serious business of playing Uno where I triumphed 2-1. Oh, what joy!

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  1. El n Kel, Fabio and I really think you should seriously consider buying a Casa in Panicale ..... Then we could visit you !!!!!