Sunday, 11 September 2016

Giro delle Cantine continues

With five more winemakers to visit and five more food producers goods to sample, we set off with our glass holders around our necks, our tickets and our cameras. We didn't want you to miss out on completing  this experience! We'd send you samples if we could but you will just have to believe us when we say it was a taste sensation.

One of the wine makers is planting varieties of vines which are almost forgotten. I guess we'd call them heritage varieties. He is making some very interesting wines. Another stall was showcasing wine that came from a property near Orvieto which we rented for two weeks back in 1998.

The cheeses were excellent, the truffles always delight but the find of the night was spreadable beer.

These labels were designed by a cartoonist to express the mood of each wine.

This is it, spreadable beer. Pretty delicious!

Me with Sabrina, the winemaker and owner at Morami. She is holding her signature wine which is very much a special occasion wine. She produced it to celebrate her 40th birthday some years ago!

Say cheese!

There was a jazz band playing in the upper piazza...

and market stalls along the road outside the walls. The food, band and dancing  continued in the lower communal area.

As seems to be the norm, we finished off with drinks at Daniela and Aldo's Bar Gallo.

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  1. Fantastic! Johnny & I wish we were there...maybe next September. Last year we bravely joined in the dancing down below, and it was a frightful sight...Us dancing, that is!
    Thanks for the photos-