Monday, 1 August 2016

Tavernelle market day

Today was market day in Tavernelle so off we went to stock up on fresh tasty fruit and tomatoes. For you I was planning to take photos of all the less expected market stalls. Unfortunately the sudden thunderstorms that Italy is noted for arrived and we spent most of our time huddled under the canopy of an ortaggi stall - amidst the melons, peaches and tomatoes.

This is all I managed to get for you!

Many of the stalls sell superb pasta pots and other useful pots. How I wish I could take some of them home.

All those useful bits and bobs for the household can be found on these stalls.

Sheets and towels, table cloths and curtains, they are all here.

The ladies underwear stall is the most fascinating! I was a little coy about taking this photo so not the best example.

Rain, rain, go away! At least the weather was still quite hot and I was wearing thongs.

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