Friday, 26 August 2016

Ferro Battuto or Wrought Iron

Ferro battuto or wrought iron was one of the earliest forms of metal available for use. It was easy to form into shapes yet strong enough to be useful.
Wrought iron can be seen everywhere in Italy, from ancient horse tethering points and candle holders along the streets to balconies on palazzi to modern furniture and home fittings.
Traditional designs are still being produced by artisan tradesmen.

Some examples of new or reproduction wrought iron work.

Today we drove over to Sarteano in Tuscany ( o.k, so we drove 27 kilometres in search of different flavours of gelati! ) and I decided that I had been collecting wrought iron photos for long enough and this door knocker could finish off this post. I think I have done a door knocker collection previously but this very individual one looked just perfect to conclude my post on the ancient art of ferro battuto.

P.S. Today's new gelati flavours were whisky cream and cheesecake, and the total for this year, so far, is 48.

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