Friday, 5 August 2016

Isola Maggiore

We have visited Isola Maggiore on Lake Trasimeno several times and we always enjoy this tranquil spot. We took the ferry and arrived into the port at the one paved street that makes up the residential section of the island. There are a couple of restaurants, a church and the most interesting thing, ladies making and selling lace.

Once you leave the street there are many paths that lead you all over the island. There are two more churches, an old windmill and a derilect castle hidden amongst the trees and paths.

Today we chose the Way of St. Francis which runs along one side of the island and up a steep pinch to where Saint Francis of Assisi spent one Lenten period fasting, probably in the year 1211.

In a shrine there is an incredible old and eroded wooden statue of the saint, nearby is a newer version made from bronze.

It was at this stage that Kel commented, ' Another quaint torture trail.' 
St. Francis was obviously fitter than me!

Back in the street I liked these two signs of how these people make a living on this small island.

It was overcast today and the predicted thunderstorm stayed away while we were walking. For lunch I had a typical local light snack, a torta al testo with hot porchetta. 

Home on the ferry from where Castiglione del Lago looks spectacular, a really imposing and complete castle.

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