Saturday, 15 September 2018

Strolling around Ancona in the Marche region of Italy

The 'Sinfonia' arrived in the early morning into Ancona but we didn't go off until 11 am. There were big views of the city from the deck, an excellent cruise ship terminal with Info Centre (and maps) and we could walk from the ship across the road and we were in the old town.

Immediately we knew we were back in Italy. The variety and vibrancy of the wall colours, the churches, the art, the palazzi - in fact, I can smell Italy!

The Basilica of San Ciriaco of Ancona is built on a prominent position high above the town. In the walk up we had a great view of the harbour, our ship and the ferries.

Like many churches in Italy, the Cathedral has many layers. We saw evidence of a 3rd century BC temple and the 6th century CE Paleao-Christian church. A new church was built in 995 and extended in 1017 with the latest part being built in the 13th century. Restorations have been necessary, especially after damage from two world wars and the 1872 earthquake. A fascinating building.

Giovanni Paolo II

Ancona has Roman ruins -an amphitheatre from the 1st. century and some beautiful tile work.

Leaving the old town we had lunch and tapped into the internet to confirm our flight for tomorrow. We were in Corso Garibaldi and could see a statue in the distance. Despite the black clouds forming we decided to go and look at the statue, which turned out not to be Garibaldi but Cavour, the 1st President of the United Italy.

Cruise ship captains certainly do an amazing job getting their ships into the berths. In a busy shipping port like Ancona where there are freight ships, cruise ships and ferries all trying to keep to a timetable it is necessary to be guided by the harbour master and his tugs and pilots.

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