Friday, 31 March 2017

Sri Lanka - a free day

After ten days of travelling the group was looking forward to some free time. As expected we all used it in different ways. Sleeping was but a dream as the body is now trained to wake up before 6  am. There was time for those boring things like washing clothes and re- organising suit cases.

Some went across the river in the boat to the village of Ambalangoda, which apparently was extremely hot and they found themselves attracting sales offers of all sorts. I have been sick for several days so I stayed home in the air conditioned comfort of the resort and blogged!

Some went swimming in the pool, some went to the beach and swam in the Indian Ocean, some did both.

Lunch time today was the first time we have been able to order a la carte so many took that opportunity to eat something different.

Today was also an opportunity to have a happy hour before going to dinner. 

Two different venues were chosen for dinner so I can only report on the genuine Sri Lankan dinner that we enjoyed. The delicious selection of dishes were somewhat chilli hotter than previously experienced but we were fine with that. The Sri Lankan speciality desserts were outstanding. There was also live music from a Sri Lankan group which added to the evening.

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