Friday, 15 July 2016

One trullo, two trulli, three ...a magic sight

Today I will let the pictures tell the story. Alberobello is very touristy with coach groups and even cruise ship groups visiting,  but if you stay a few days you see it a little differently. Last night we walked back from dinner and there were very few people about after dark. This morning it was quiet too, for a while.
Then you can appreciate this village for its true value - an unique, heritage listed collection of houses that tell of how people lived in earlier times. It is said that part of the reason these houses don't have mortar between the roofing rocks is that they were portable and could easily avoid paying taxes. The old key stone story, remove the vital piece and down it comes.

This is the Trullo Church of Sant' Antonio

This is the Basilica of the Medici Saints

This is the only two storey trullo in the area. It is a museum to the kind of life this house has experienced in its time.

To the left of this photo is our gelateria of choice. I can feel another gelati challenge coming on!

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  1. What an amazing town. A good place to walk off lunch.