Friday, 15 July 2016

I treni

Today was all about trains.
Our 7.28 am departure from Rome to Bari, Puglia was half an hour late departing but we raced along in comfort for hours through beautiful, fertile valleys passing a huge range of crops. Tobacco, tomatoes, melons, figs, grapes, corn, wheat, olives, fruit ... amazing.
The highlight was seeing Monte Cassino with its monastery on top, the site of wartime history and base for literature.

My seat companion was a young Chinese chap who was traveling to meet his uncle. He had two weeks holiday and when he heard that we would be away for almost twelve weeks he thought for a while and then said, ' So I should work hard now. ' I do admire a good traveller!

We arrived at Bari at 2 pm and made a quick platform change to a small rail company train which took us to Alberobello. This is a 57 km trip and takes just over one and a half hours. Still it was more comfortable than any Australian train we've been on.

Our home for the next four nights is a trullo, a distinctive house made from rocks with a conical dry stone roof. Alberobello has over 1000 trulli, all painted white and decorated with a variety of stones on the top. 
This is another World Heritage Site, and it is " truly" amazing 😀

This is the view from the street, a taste of tomorrow's post.

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