Sunday, 17 July 2016

Buon Ricordo and Michelin Stars in Alberobello

The highlight today was our long lunch at the restaurant 'Il Poeta Contadino' in Alberobello. Some of you will know that we collect plates from Buon Ricordo restaurants - not stolen but given when you order the speciality of the house. These restaurants are often also Michelin awarded so the food is exceptional, in fact the whole experience is pretty special. 
For this today, we thank daughter Cate for her Christmas gift towards our lunch.

The Munaro glass chandeliers were huge!

This delicate potato, mushroom & truffle soup was an 'extra', not something we ordered but, as it was once put to us, 'a gift from the kitchen'.

Six different speciality breads with local oil.

Kel's first course was a rabbit pasta. Unfortunately they gave us the English menu so we only have a vague idea. This was described as rabbit bolognaise but that does not work for us. This might look like a small serve but I can assure you that the plate was a huge diamond shape and the serve more than adequate.

My first course was a zucchini flower and ricotta filled flower shaped ravioli with a butter sauce, prosciutto and truffle shavings.

A fillet of beef with an olive sauce.

This is the dish of the house - rolled & stuffed sea bass with clams and calamari in a superb broth.
Kel was drinking a 2013 Primitivo red and I had prosecco and sparkling mineral water. 

I chose a chocolate pudding with a soft orange filling and Kel settled for a second glass of wine. What a surprise when along came a plate of petit-fours with nine different sweet treats. Many were almond based as they are a local speciality.

As well as a delicious meal, very attentive service and a fine dining experience, we have another plate to add to our collection ... a Buon Ricordo indeed.

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  1. Wow, wow and wow! What a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing the beautiful servings. Cheers Glenice and Bill