Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A bit of a Retrospective

The weather is perfect here and so we are spending lots of time sitting out in the garden reading and soaking up the ambience. By 3.30 pm we are ready to set off in the Ypsilon to revisit the many places we have enjoyed in the past. 

Today we went to Città della Pieve which is only 17 kms from Macchie (which is 4 kms from Panicale). Apart from having an excellent festa with historic parade, this town is noted as the birth place in 1446 of artist Il Perugino and the cathedral houses some of his works. Another reason to visit is that the gelateria is noteworthy for its zafarano / saffron gelato.

We have noticed many interesting ways to recycle pallets, furniture being a very popular one. In Città della Pieve they have used the pallets in a variety of ways to make planter boxes. As the streets are very narrow these hanging planters are very effective.

We took a long scenic route home arriving back in Panicale in time for drinks. These two photos show the extent of the scaffolding on the church mentioned yesterday.

Another retrospective - this is the flower of the caper bush.

The cloud patterns were interesting this evening. Not quite a spectacular sunset but worth the drive to capture the big sky.

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